Southside Angling started business in 1990 in a small shop beside Harold’s Cross Bridge. Dave McBride who had been angling since he was 10 under the guidance of his father Joe, was passionate about fishing . Upon leaving school  he went to work and learn his trade in a tackle shop in Dublin City.When he felt it was right he along with Eamon Power decided to take the plunge and form SOUTHSIDE ANGLING .

The shop was small but the will to succeed was huge and we decided to give anglers as much choice as possible. Business was slow but customers began to trust us and regularly called for advice. As the sales grew so did the demands of the customers ,we were dealing with all forms of angling. We decided to move to a larger shop on Lower Clanbrassil Street.

The most important thing you must have in business is good staff, people who know what they are talking about, Des Frazer joined the team in 1997, Des brought new much needed advice on sea angling. He has great tips and advice on location,equipment and clothing.